Board of Directors
Rajesh Kumar Negi is a true indigenous Kinnauri who has probably seen it all and done it all.

This mountain man has had a humble beginning who worked his way up in life from being a tourist guide, to a door to door salesman travelling long distances selling handicrafts, to a Government Contractor, to a farmer and finally settling on running Shambhu Lodge with great success.

It would not be an exaggeration to call him an IRON MAN as in a serious accident that he met in 1995, an iron rod had to be inserted in his right hand which remains a part of him till date.

He is one of the most honest, fun loving and a warm hospitable person that guests will ever meet.
Mr Subir Roy Choudhury is a commerce graduate from the Calcutta University. His main experience of work has been sales and marketing and has been working in this segment for the last 30 years at various managerial positions in the state of West Bengal, Assam and Maharashtra.

His rich experience makes him a valuable asset to the company. He has a very calming effect wherever he is involved and is a team person. He is a patient listener and is a great trust builder among the staff. He interacts with the staff on a periodical basis. It is through his concerted efforts and team building techniques that the attrition rate among the staff is very low.

As Rajesh Kumar Negi is a firebrand personality who likes to stir things up , Subir Roy Choudhury on the other hand is totally opposite with a soothing personality. His ability to go with the flow has a calming effect on people, even if they can't figure out exactly what it is.
Suresh Rao is a B.Com Graduate from University Of Mumbai. He also completed his vocational training in computers and there after he started his own coaching institute.

He was quick to sense the opportunity in the rapid development in the technological sector and thereafter he also started training personnel in government offices most notably the Central Bureau of Investigation (Regional Training Centre, Mumbai Zone).

Mr. Rao has a keen sense of practical understanding and an eye for detail. He has also been associated with a few hotels in Himachal Pradesh for training of their staff and making them computer literate.

He also advises them on their technological requirements like installation of security systems / back end software / front desk office training etc.
Akshaya Eknath Naik is a young vibrant personality representing the current generation of wanderlust travelers. She is a B.Com graduate from the Mumbai University and thereafter she has worked at various managerial positions going from strength to strength. She has great leadership skills and adept at handling public relations. Her addition to the Board of Directors will further help us in understanding the mindset of the current crop of tourists and she brings on board a fresh perspective and outlook. The prime objective in bringing in a young director is to have a balance of seniority and experience together with new ideas and innovation. It will provide diversity to our management team.
Nandani Bhardwaj, aged 30 years, is the Company Secretary & Compliance Officer of our Company. She is a qualified Company Secretary. She has professional experience of approximately over 5 years in the field of secretarial compliances and Company Law. She has been associated with our Company since May 19, 2022.